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Installation of DAB Bar is simple, just download the file from one of the sites below, run it and then follow the simple instructions.

To see what is new in DAB Bar 1.3a check out the changes list. Please review the licence before you download and install DAB Bar.

DAB Bar 1.3b CR1 (706K)
(for use with the Modular Technologies PCI card and latest WaveFinder drivers)


DAB Bar 1.3a (684K)
(for use with the old Psion WaveFinder drivers, including current drivers on Psion website)


Don't forget to downlaod the latest set of branding icons.

If you want me to let you know when the next release of DAB Bar is available just send a blank message to [email protected]. Also don't forget to let me know what you think of DAB Bar.

UPDATED (02/07/2005): EPG Explorer enables you to receive and view the electronic programme guide currently transmitted on select multiplexes. This version (1.1 CR4) can decode the updated encoding system that has been rolled out over the UK commercial and multiplexes and now on the BBC national multiplex. More information can be found on the EPG page.

EPG Explorer 1.1 CR4 (528K)


This is released under the current DAB Bar licence.

BWS Explorer is a broadcast website browser that works with DAB Bar. This is released under the current DAB Bar licence.

BWS Explorer 1.0 (422K)


Here are some other downloads that you may be interested in.

Third Party Software


Miscellaneous Files


Unless otherwise stated the latest version on DAB Bar should be stable so there is no need to download an older version. Should you want to download a superseded version they are still available below.

Archived Downloads




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