If you are experiencing problems then first try and get your DAB receiver to work with the software supplied with it. If this does not work then it is probably a hardware/system configuration problem. Unfortunately neither the Psion WaveFinder or Modular Technologies PCI receiver are supported, however you may find a solution you may find help through the DAB Bar forum.

Please note that if the WaveFinder receiver unit does not light up or goes out it is not a DAB Bar problem. If this happens then a powered USB hub (one with it's own power supply, not a "bus powered" hub) will often solve the problem. Also note that the WaveFinder has a problem with Belkin hubs.

Should you still have problems with DAB Bar when your hardware is functioning properly then please browse through the FAQ below. If you can not find an answer here check out the DAB Bar forum or contact me directly through the contact page.

Q) Is DAB Bar compatable with the Trinloc DAB USB Radio & PC MP3 Recorder?
A) Yes, it will be. I am making a small patch to DAB Bar 1.3b to fix a bug where no sound is heard through the PC with this device. You can already use the device for streaming.
Q) My WaveFinder has just stopped working?
A) Most likely you have just installed XP service pack 2, or windows update has done it for you. Service pack 2 appears to cause the WaveFinder to fail. If you are happy to uninstall the service pack then the WaveFinder should start to function again although this is not recommended if your machine is on the Internet for security reasons.
Q) Where can I get hold of a WaveFinder/ModTech card?
A) Currently neither product is in production so you're best bet is to search an online auction such as eBay or the classified section of your local paper. The new Trinloc receaver (DE, EN) is compatible with DAB Bar.
Q) I have just upgraded to 1.3b ...or... downloaded 1.3a and am being asked to install......?
A) You have probably installed a release of DAB Bar for the wrong hardware/drivers. The old WaveFinder drivers (version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) needs DAB Bar 1.3a, and the new PCI Card and new WaveFinder drivers (version 1.x.x.x) requires DAB Bar 1.3b.
Q) Does DAB Bar work the the new PCI card?
A) Yes, you will need DAB Bar 1.3b that is available from the download page.
Q) What are the new drivers for the WaveFinder?
A) A new set of drivers and software is available for the WaveFinder and it supplied with new devices, and is available for purchase on CD. Note that this release of the software is NOT available form the WaveFinder web site.

If you have been using the old drivers without problems I recommend you continue to do so. The most significant changes are that the drivers are more stable under XP, but you will only be able to record/stream/listen to one service at a time.

Q) What will DAB Bar run on?
A) I have developed and tested DAB Bar on Windows ME, and other users are using it on 98, 2000 and XP. XP users should check the question below. The lowest spec machine running DAB Bar that I know of is a Pentium 166 MMX (but I do not recommend anything less than a PII233). Thank you to all who have supplied this information. DAB Bar has also been successfully used on 2003 server with a WaveFinder.
Q) ...... XP .......? (WaveFinder only)
A) If your question has the letters "X" and "P" next to each other you are probably having WaveFinder problems with reliability or are not receiving anything, even if it is installed on the same hardware that worked with 98. I have done some research in to this and the problem was normally fixed with an external powered hub (one with a power supply). Jon Simmons came up with the rather cunning solution of using the Windows 2000 USB drivers under Windows XP. Unfortunately neither of these solutions work with the latest Windows service packs.
Q) Can DAB Bar be integrated with DigiGuide?
A) DAB Bar does not link directly to DigiGuide but Paul Webster has developed a script that allows programmes to be added to DAB Bar's timer record schedule. The script can be found at http://www.spidersweb.freeserve.co.uk/dab/dabdig.htm. Thank you Paul.

You may also be interested in the new Electronic Programme Guide EPG Explorer.

Q) Can I view data services?
A) Yes, Recently I released BWS Explorer that allows you to use DAB Bar to view Broadcast Web Sites and EPG Explorer that allows browsing of programme listings. These will be integrated in to DAB Bar in the future.

I am also playing TPEG and an EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), but have not released anything publicly yet.

Q) Some of the service icons are incorrect or missing.
A) Vinnie is maintaining a set of UK station icons. An update is available from the download page. If you come across an anomalies then please let me know the Service Name and Service ID (available the the properties page) and we can correct it.
Q) My virus scanner found a virus   ...or...  my download was corrupted.
A) A release of the Sophos and Norton virus scanner incorrectly detected a virus in the uninstall programme. This has now been fixed but you will need to download the latest patches/scan-codes from the Sophos or Symantec (Norton) web sites.
Q) How do I edit the service icons like in DAB Bar 1.2.
A) In DAB Bar 1.3 the service icons are stored in a DLL and not is GIF files for efficiency. By popular demand I am converting the storage format and releasing a tool to edit the icons for the next DAB Bar release.
Q) When will the next release of DAB Bar be available?
A) The simple answer is that I do not know. DAB Bar is a personal project that I work on alongside other personal projects in my scarce spare time. To receive a mail message when the next release is out just join the DAB Bar announcements list.
Q) Do you have a discussion list?
A) Unfortunately is it temparaily unavailable but will me back soon, check here for more information. The forum is a good place to bounce idears off others and look for help.
Q) My WaveFinder stops working when my monitor goes in to standby.
A) I don't know why but this does seem to happen a lot and the only advice I can offer is to disable power save. Mine does not stop but jitters a lot for a while afterwards. If you have any insight in to this then please let me know.
Q) Can I run DAB Bar without installing the original software?
A) No. Although only the hardware drivers and some DLLs are needed they do need to be registered properly and the easiest way of doing this is to use the original installation CD.
Q) Can you add a better signal strength indicator?
A) The current signal strength indicator is reporting stream quality and not the actual strength of the signal (that the hardware keeps secret). Using stream quality is a very good indicator of the sound quality you will get, as long as physical power of the signal is above the background interference it is of little importance with DAB broadcast technology.
Q) Can you display information about the bitrate of the stream?
A) This has been implemented in DAB Bar 1.3 but you will been to turn it on in the General tab from the options window.
Q) Will there be a Linux (or Mac) release of DAB Bar (to use my WaveFinder/PCI Card)?
A) Unfortunately not. The RadioScape drivers and APIs used by the devices are Windows native and these will need to be ported in addition to DAB Bar. As the DAB Stream API is HTTP based it is theatrically possible to run DAB Bar under a Windows emulator and a new client under Linux/MacOS but I have not had the opportunity to try this.
Q) Can I have a copy of the source code.
A) No, But if you need help with your own DAB project or you want to use the DAB Stream API then please contact me, I will be happy to help. I have also compiled a developers help page that answers some of the most common questions.



2005 Alistair MacDonald